Nitrous Oxide Sedation Systems

The Industry Standard.

Porter Nitrous Oxide Sedation systems have a proven history of providing easy to administer Relative Analgesia in a dental surgery environment, within a reliable and efficient system that provides unique advantages for both operator and patient.

The Porter MXR flowmeter makes up for many
of the inconveniences found in other brands of
 units. Flowmeter tubes are calibrated so that
 at a 50/50 gas mixture, the flowmeter balls
are at the same level; therefore with a
 subliminal glance the operator can tell which
 gas is dominant. This is not true with most other machines. A constant litre flow can be delivered, while the nitrous proportion is varied (a gas saver). The proportioning valve is calculated in percentage nitrous (which cannot exceed 70%).

Porter systems are available in both cabinet mounted and mobile type systems.

Scavenging is a critical part of modern sedation equipment. The Porter Scavenging Rubber Goods System has been proven the most effective and accurate of their type available. It is for this reason that the Porter system is the only Nitrous Oxide Sedation System to hold the Acceptance Mark of the American Dental Association.

BENEFITS: Conscious Sedation in Dentist.

Approximately 15 % of the population decline dental treatment primarily be- cause they fear oral injections. In 1992, the Ad Hoc Committee of Research Faculty Training in Pain Control in Dentistry (USA) reported that, “the threat of fear and pain constitutes one of the great obstacles to the acceptance of dental services by much of the general population”. The proactive use of Nitrous Oxide assists to build the dental proactive client base in several different ways: Fear and Anxiety associated with dentistry are greatly reduced, your patients are more relaxed during treatment, their pain thresholds are elevated, your patients become more manageable-your stress level diminishes, the promise of painless dental procedures assists in attracting more patients and operator chairside time becomes more efficient, the dentist can accomplish more per patient visit.