BENEFITS of Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen for Labor and Delivery Applications

  • Proven Safe – Decades of use globally
  • Ease of administration – Non-invasive
  • Fast acting analgesic – takes effect in minutes
  • Short duration of effect – Wears off in minutes
  • Additional pain management tool
  • Attract new patients
  • Patient self administered – empower patients to control their own pain management
  • Ideal for use during labour as well as post birth procedures
  • Cost effective and low cost use

SAFETY FEATURES of Nitronox Nitrous Oxide & Oxygen Analgesia System

  • Fixed 50%/50% N2O and O2 delivery
  • Built in oxygen fail –safe
  • Demand flow – patient only receives what they inhale
  • Patient self –administered
  • Audible gas pressure alarm
  • Visual gas pressure and mixture gauges
  • O2 enrichment feature
  • Demand valve quick connect for simple secure storage
  • Scavenging – can connect to any vacuum or WAGD source
  • E-stand mobile cart holds ready to use gas cylinders

nitronox-img1Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen

A safe, proven method for women in labour to control their pain relief

Join the growing number of hospitals and birth centers offering Porter Nitrous with great success. Decades of use around the world, clinical research and successful practice have shown that the inhalation of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen provides safe, fast, and effective pain relief in a variety of medical settings including labour and delivery. The inhaled analgesic takes effect quickly, has few contradictions and side effects and best of all, a short duration of effect of only minutes.

Patients like using Nitronox because its self-administered, empowering them to safely and effectively help them manage the discomfort of labour and post-birth procedures while remaining alert and conscious.

Hospitals and birth centers like using Nitronox because it provides an additional pain management tool while helping them to attract and retain new patient satisfaction, and for birth centers potentially reduce transfers.

What patients are saying:-

“Knowing I would have access to a pain aid that would not interfere with the health of my baby or my ability to move and labour in the way I wanted was appealing”

“I liked that I was in total control and was able to regulate how much or how little I needed. I also liked the fact that the gas did not take away my ability to feel the pain or listen to what my body was telling me to do”

“During stitching after the birth – it caused me to relax and not feel the anxiety I usually have with needles or pain associated with the experience”

nitronox-img2Safe Scavenging

Ensure safe work environments for your staff by meeting OSHA suggested guidelines. All Porter systems have scavenging capabilities for safe and efficient removal of exhaled waste gas. The Nitronox Scaenger Tube connects directly to your wall vacuum or WAGD outlet connections, allowing the outside environment. If you do not have central vacuum system the Porter Mini Vacuum is the perfect solution.

Mounting Options

  • 4 Cylinder E-Stand image
  • Mobile Cart image
  • Wall Arm Cart image

PorterNitronox™ RetrofitKit

Retrofit Kit for convenient side-mounting of your Nitronox demand valve and single-use disposable breathing circuit.

The demand valve can be mounted with the Nitronox Retrofit Kit allowing use of a disposable breathing circuit.

  • Easily retrofit both Porter and non-Porter manufactured Nitronox systems utilizing existing screw holes.
  • Side mount of demand valve and single-use disposable breathing circuit.
  • Improve infection control and minimize risk of cross contamination.
  • Save time during set-up and disinfection.
  • Minimize risk of damage to the demand valve.
  • Convenient breathing circuit hook.
  • Easily detach and remove demand valve for system security.
  • Disposable breathing circuit is lightweight and easy for the patient to handle. Can use a mask or mouthpiece.
  • Fewer hose and tube connections for a sleeker look.

Porter’s Nitronox Retrofit Kit Is FREE With Disposable Breathing Circuit Case Order!

Product  Part Number
Nitronox Retrofit Kit: DMC-5301-RFK
Disposable Breathing Circuit (case of 10): DMC-5301-6
Disposable Mask – Medium: PB-1577-001
Disposable Mask – Large: PB-1577-000
Disposable Mouthpiece: 61988000
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