SILHOUETTE Low Profile Nitrous Oxide Mask

Dr. Robert Guyette, M.D., D.M.D.

Dr. Robert Guyette,
M.D., D.M.D.

Designed By A Dentist To Make Nitrous Oxide Easier To Use

SILHOUETTE is the brainchild of Robert Guyette, D.M.D., M.D., an Oral and Maxilllofacial Surgeon in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Guyette recognized that the available nitrous oxide masks made it difficult to access the oral cavity during dental procedures and were oftentimes uncomfortable for his patients. His extensive research led to an ingenious solution; an anatomic, low profile, lightweight mask that fits comfortably over the patient’s nose providing excellent access to all areas of the patient’s mouth.


SILHOUETTE is a single patient use nasal mask and breathing circuit designed with lightweight tubing and a comfortable and conforming mask.

Features And Benefits

SILHOUETTE’s unique design offers many advantages over traditional nasal hoods, including:

  • Unobstructed access to the oral cavity
  • A more predictable nitrous experience
  • Adhesive strip secures mask in place
  • Enhanced scavenging efficiency for
  • Disposable mask/circuit for improved infection control
  • Four sizes for a perfect fit on all patients reduced N2O exposure
  • Easily retrofits to most flowmeters

How To Get Started

It’s quick and easy to start using SILHOUETTE nitrous oxide nasal masks in your dental practice.
SILHOUETTE can easily be retrofitted to any ADA accepted flowmeter.
SILHOUETTE – available through Dental Installations (Aust) P/L, your authorised Porter Nitrous dealer.

SIL-CONN-KIT Flowmeter Connection Kit (order one for each flowmeter) Includes: Cannula Adapter, Breathing Bag Cap, 6.5′ Fresh Gas / Vacuum Tubing, 4 Color Coded Sizer Masks, and Clip
SIL-VAR-4X3 Variety 12 Pack: 3 Silhouette Masks of each size – Pediatric, Adult Small, Medium, Large
SIL-PEDO-12 12 Pack: 12 Pediatric Silhouette Masks
SIL-SM-12 Adult Small 12 Pack: 12 Adult Small Silhouette Masks
SIL-MED-12 Medium 12 Pack: 12 Medium Silhouette Masks
SIL-LG-12 Large 12 Pack: 12 Large Silhouette Masks
SIL-START-PK Silhouette Starter Pack: 3 Masks (one each: Pediatric, Adult Small, and Medium), Cannula Adapter, Breathing Bag Cap, and 6.5′ Fresh Gas / Vacuum Tubing
SIL-SIZERS-4 Silhouette Sizer Masks – Color Coded – 1 For Each Size
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